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GT-6000 – A Downdraft Gasification Wood Boiler That Is EPA Phase II Qualified

Plenty of Fire, but No Smoke. Our new GT-6000 will burn your fuel repeatedly.  This technology was inspired by jet engines!

Make The Change to Sunlight This Summer Season

These summer months present an amazing opportunity for you to take by using our SM-H60 or SM-V30.  Do you want to save up to 100% of your bill for hot water?  Well you could just by using solar energy.

Check Out Our Tank of an Outdoor Wood Furnace – The NCB-325G

This unit is built with absolute laser like precision.  It will without a doubt heat 10,000 sqft.

Look At Our New Stoves – The NCB G-Series

These are simply larger and better units, with much more space then we have offered before.  See the NCB-275G, the NCB-325G and the NCB-400G for more information.

COAL Allows You to Burn More Efficiently

Our NCB-120, NCB-175, NCB-250, NCB-275G, NCB-325G and NCB-400G are built with a shaker handle and shaker grate to burn coal for maximum savings and efficiency. This coal heat allows you to take control of your heating costs for your home, business, shop, greenhouse.  You can also heat hot water and even your hot tub or pool!

So Why Do You Need to Buy Nature’s Comfort?

That is simple!  You will get savings and warmth and it is efficient for your wallet and your home! Trust us at Nature’s Comfort and we will give you a peace of mind today!

People often overlook the importance that outdoor wood boilers often give to homes or to any buildings where heat is supplied. An outdoor wood furnace or boiler would help to ensure that your home would stay warm even during the coldest nights of winter. But as a homeowner, it is most likely that you are somehow aware of the different costs that comes with heating your home. The truth is, these costs are high and can become even higher; as inflation continues to increase the prices of some of the basic commodities that we using regularly. Fortunately, outdoor wood boilers provide a solution to this growing problem and they do so without giving you the burden of paying more money on electricity bills or other forms of fuels. This cost-effective strategy is the reason why more households are embracing the idea of installing an outdoor wood stove in order to add heat to their homes.

How does an outdoor wood boiler work in order to provide heat to your home? These furnaces use wood in order to provide heat to your house or to any building it heats. They are situated far from your house, usually 30 to 500 feet away, and they pump heated air through pipes that are usually placed underground. The pipes used are wrapped with insulating materials, thus keeping hot air hot as it moves through them. Once the air passes through these pipes, it enters the traditional heating systems that are present in your house such as a radiant floor system or a forced air furnace. But in addition to heating your home, outdoor wood burners also heat the water that you use in your house. This saves you the additional cost of buying devices to heat the water in your home. To make it even more interesting, you can also use these furnaces for any recreational body of water that you have in your home such as a spa or hot tub. All these are done with the use of wood, which is a whole lot cheaper than electricity or compared to other forms of fuel like natural gas, LPG, or kerosene.

The main benefit that one can get from using these outdoor wood furnaces is the reduced cost, especially when we are considering its immediate or long-term benefits. Wood is a cheap material if we are to compare it with LPG, for example. Wood is also a renewable resource, which makes it even more ideal to use in this context. People who live in wood-rich lands would have the advantage of having free use of wood to provide heat for their homes. To people with limited supply of and access to wood, you can always buy one since they are cheap. Another advantage that we can get from these outside wood stoves is that since they are placed and situated outside, you will be able to eliminate one more fire hazard in your building or home. To provide you with more safety, you can always choose those outdoor wood furnaces, which have fail-safes for pressure, loss of electricity, and in cases of flash burning.

Another equally important benefit that we can get from using outside wood boiler is the fact that they are environmentally friendly. In contrast to the wood, which is a renewable resource, fuels like LPG, coal, or kerosene are limited and uncontrolled use would leave these resources dwindling in the environment. The use of outdoor wood stoves would enable us to save these precious fuels for more important uses and thus would help in saving our natural resources. In addition to these facts, burning wood does not also produce excess carbon dioxide. This carbon dioxide is produced when fossil fuels are burned and are associated with the greenhouse effect, which raises the global temperature and melts the ice caps that are found in the polar regions.

If you are looking for companies that offer high quality Outdoor Wood Boilers, then Nature’s Comfort is definitely for you. Nature’s Comfort Outdoor Boilers are built to meet the design specifications by their manufacturing firms located in Shipshewana, Indiana. We build outdoor wood boilers with a cost effective heating system that can be used in conjunction with almost any interior heating systems that are being currently used in various homes today. Thousands of dollars can be saved using wood rather than fossil fuel alternatives. The design of Nature’s Comfort Boilers includes a firebox, a chimney pipe, and the sides and bottom of an ash pan surrounded by water. All these features, including a hassle free shipping and available financing, makes Nature’s Comfort one of the leading producers of quality Outdoor Wood boilers. You can also check the above pages or the video below for more information about our products.